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Selling Your Home
in Today’s Market Requires Diligence, Patience and Flexibility

Homeowners are advised to work with a professional Realtor who is qualified to offer sound advice and guidance on home pricing and that understands the market.

Homes need to be priced to sell in accordance to the current market trends and home location. When a home is not priced right it is likely to sit for a very long time with little or no buyer interest or activity. The bottom line is if a home is not priced to sell it is not going to sell since buyers have a many options with a lot of home inventory on the market and will look elsewhere.

Your Finish Line Agent will guide you through comparative market value analysis and provide the best pricing scenario for your home. Research and competitive pricing will help to get your home sold.


Your agent will help you with pricing, as well as ask for a  walk through of the home. The agent will offer helping suggestions to you, the seller,  in order for you to stage your home in the best light to a buyer.

An inspection may be recommend having an inspection done on the home. The inspection can aid in preventing any surprises once an offer has been made on the home. If there are problems that arise from the inspection the seller can address them by getting them fixed.


We Provide Marketing Assistance

While the MLS (Multiple Listing Service) does a lot to list your home, your agent will also market the home in a variety of ways. Marketing can include:

  • Online Realtor Site Listings such as Craigslist, Zillow and a variety of other similar sites.

  • May advertise in real estate books.

  • Open houses to get people into look at the home.

  • Website Listings using social media outlets and professional networks.

In addition to helping you sell list your home with an appropriate price, staging and marketing, your agent will be help you to filling out contracts, evaluate offers and make counter offers, open escrow, accept an offer, as well as answering any questions and guiding you along the way.


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